About Videography

It doesn’t take much to shoot good videos. The most important thing is knowing how to tell a story, what to show. The gear you use doesn’t determine how good you are.

Demo Reel 2021

Demo Reel | Summer 2021

This is the latest demo Reel of 2021, showing my videography and editing style in a short video. 


Length: < 2 min. 

My journey

The trailer of the project

#1 “My journey”

#2 “Being creative”

#3 “Whatever It Takes”

Image video | Summer 2021

This is a student project containing 3 single videos. Showing off videography and video editing. Talking about the creative journey of leaving a dead-end job and becoming a self-taught creative professional. Explaining the meaning of being a creative mind going a different way.

As an educational project, I went through the steps in Pre-Production such as scripting, storyboarding, planning over the Production filming with a smartphone camera. To the process of bringing all together in Post-Production. Each video has been edited in a different program. Giving me the opportunity to compare Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17.  

Length: 3 min. (each video)

Dear Chosen One

Romantic Teaser | Fall 2021

Being inspired by someone you haven’t met yet? Just because you believe in something that keeps the hope in your heart? That’s what this story is about. A romantic love story of a young man who never gives up believing to meet the woman he’s supposed to be with.

Writing her every single day one post on Social Media to show there are still people who believe in destiny.

“Dear chosen one … one day we’ll meet.”


Length: <2 min.