Graphic-Design to me isn’t just about visual communication and solving problems, it’s about looking for inspiration, sketching out some ideas, making drafts and see where the journey goes. Trying out some ideas until I get to the final result. Developing my own style and expand my creative horizon. 

"There's no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times."
Johny Ive
former Chief Design Officer at Apple Inc.

Video Production

Working on a video project to me means thinking even bigger because it drives the interests and passion I’ve always had for the movie industry. Getting inspiration from all the great movies and filmmakers, to create
a unique and personal style of videography.


I’ve ever since been interested in photography, capturing unique moments so they can last forever. Exploring new styles, experimenting to constantly improving my photography was essential to me.
One thing I’ve learned: Always have your camera ready to shoot. For some photos, you have to be really quick to catch the subject at the right moment. Photography is not just a hobby to me, but also a great additional skill as a Graphic-Designer and for shooting videos.