Bryan Carey Multimedia

Honesty  –  Empathy  –  Ethic

Bryan Carey Multimedia is the official name of my small business. I’m Mirko Fabian, a self-taught Multimedia-Designer and Photographer located in Germany.

I'm a Multimedia Designer and Photographer

My name is Mirko Fabian and I’m a passionate Multimedia Designer and Photographer specialized in Graphic Design and Video Production. In 2020 I decided to give up my career in IT to follow my heart by becoming a self-taught designer. What motivates me is my eagerness to improve and grow, both professionally and personally. Going a different way taught me more than just design, it lets me think about what matters in life. This new profession gives me what I never got in my old job. Passion, fulfillment, and a perspective in life, that’s why I chose this particular way. If there wasn’t my strong will and motivation for what I’m doing right now, I would have never left the IT business. 

Creativity means personality, showing who you are and how you think. Everyone has an individual personality and that’s what makes everyone so unique as life itself. Besides Design and Photography, I find joy in writing. Soon I’ll start a blog on this website to give you a deeper look at my journey. 

  • Pseudonym: Bryan Carey
  • Real name: Mirko Fabian
  • Age: 24
  • Languages:
    German (mother tongue) 
    og lidt Dansk (Danish)

  • Occupation 
  • Multimedia-Designer
    specialized in Graphic Design and Video Production
  • former IT-Systems Electronics Engineer